Vera is a village that has become famous for its 7km of Sandy beaches, its modern hotels, large urbanizations with excellent facilities, while the main village has retained its traditional spanish way of life and local customs. Within the municipal are beach areas of Puerto Rey, Puerto Laguna with a lagoon which has been declared a nature reserve, Burganvillas and Capuzcana.

At the time of the Christian conquest the village was wrapped around the hill which can be seen beside the modern town called el Espiritu Santo, which is topped with a staue of Christ, a land mark which can be seen for miles. In the days there was an imposing castle but in 1518 an earthquake shook the hill and the soft rock, riddled with caves colapsed and 150 people died. One of the survivours was told to fire an arrow from the ruins, which he did and where it landed is where the new town was to be built.

In the new town was built within town walls fortified by eight towers even the church was fortified built to double as a refuge in times of attack. La iglesia Nuestra Señora de la Encarnación is one of only 2 churches in Spain to have a water supply underground. Apart from the church there are many notable buildings such as the Convent de los Padres Mínimos also know as Convento de Victoria, the bull ring from 1879 and the fountains called Los Cuatro Caños from the 17th century.

For tourists there is a large water park, a complete cycle route and a wonderful promenade so there is excercise for everyone. It also has one of the largest Nudist hotels in Europe with its nudist beach and even nudist housing.