All About Olives

We are a small independant producer of IOC certified organic extra virgin olive oil. We are extremely passionate about organic, self sustaining farming methods, following the concepts of permaculture.

Our Mission Statement:

    To promote organic product and to practice self-sustaining methods and practices of agriculture, which enables us to stand behind our Olive Oil 100%

From Grove to Press:

    Our journey started with a lady called Nina , and her dream back in February 2016 to follow her passion for organic olive farming, after much research Nina purchased our now 900 mature tree organic olive grove, nestled in the beautiful Sierra de Los Filabres Mountains in the provence of Almeria, and together with Glenn , our grove manager, it has been wonderful experiencing the true beauty of mother nature. 

Our 3 Ha grove is EU certified organic land … all produce of this land is organic as our farming practices are organic in fact … anything else would be a disservice to our principles. The farm is conventional farm with its own well but, Glenn is a staunch supporter of Geoff Lawton and following his inspiration and passion of permaculture and self-sustaining practices of farming has transformed and adapted the farm to the concepts of permaculture with evenly placed swales all around the 3Ha’s to capture rainwater and not to let it go to waste but instead improve the ground water reserve.

Our yearly traditional hand picked methods of harvest takes place the first half of October which ensures we have optimal quality, producing a stunning green gold extra virgin olive oil with a beautiful grassy and fruity flavour. The early harvest gives a higher concentration of polyhenols compared to other olive oils, and is linked to many health benefits associated with a healthy mediterranean diet and lifestyle.  We only use cold press mills that are also certified organic, our early harvest and use of mills guarantee us a very flavourful and low acidity (0.1%) Organic Extra Virgin certified by IOC certified labs.