Alcudia de Monteagudo is delightful white-washed village high in the mountain range, La Sierra de Monteagudo, at an altitude of 1010m. It is only small having a population of only 150 inhabitants but very well preserved. The church and its tower rise proudly from a jumble of white houses lining narrow streets. Dotted around the village are the most enormous threshing circles, evidence of days gone by when the villagers would cultivate large amounts of wheat and barley.

The village is 88km from Almeria city and the road there is surprisingly good which means you can get there in about 45 minutes. Despite its small size it has 3 local fiestas, one in January in honor of San Anton, one in August in honor of San Roque when a festival of Moors and Christians is celebrated and then in December there is the procession of Santa Lucia.