The municipality of Turre lies between Mojacar, Vera and Los Gallardos and is split between the lower part and the mountainous part. The village itself has evolved and changed from a poor relation to Mojácar to being a village that offers many services, and bars and restaurants of all sorts of styles and ethnic origins. The mountainous part is remarkable for the urbanizations of Cortijo Grande with its golf course and the Moorish styled development higher up of Sierra Cabrera.

Sierra Cabrera was where the original settlement was in Moorish times and there were defences and a mosque, the present village was founded by Christianized moors who were expelled from Mojácar it received its name from the watch tower that was built there from the Latin "turris". The moors left suddenly one night in 1569, tired of being victimized, never to return again.

It had traditionally been an agricultural area supplying Mojácar with food but everything changed when a man ploughing a field found led ore and started a mining boom. The boom attracted a much larger population but the mines soon suffered problems and the boom ended and real hardship was entrenched with a huge amount of emigration, until the arrival of tourism in the seventies and eighties.

Amongst other ancient historic relics there is the church of the settlement of Teresa built on a mosque, the water mills and aquaduct , the water tanks and mineret at Cabrera and the main fountain in the village all date from Moorish times. There is also shrine of Francis of Assisi was also built on Moorish foundations and the church la Purísima Concepción de La Carrasca and the shrine to la Purísima Concepción de La Carrasca.

Local fiestas include a gastronomic festival which includes a traditional killing of a pig at Sierra Cabrera on and around the bank holidays of the 6th and 8th of December.

The day of The Old Lady is celebrated on the first Thursday, 21 days after Ash Wednesday, when everyone goes to the countryside or up the mountains to picnic and the younger generations spend the night under the stars.