Up in the hills behind the coastal resorts of Mojacar and Vera is the enchanting village of Bédar, commanding panoramic views of the whole coast line. Its narrow steep streets reflect its Moorish past as does the tarraced landscape and the fountains and springs preserved from those historic times. The Bedar hills are rich with minerals such as lead and silver and that has attracted people through the ages and left a fascinating mining heritage. In the seventies and eighties the village was almost a deserted place, the mining had stopped and the people had gone but it was adopted by people from around including many artists and musicians, attracted by its traditional beauty, wonderful light and spectacular views. They strived to preserve and restore the old buildings. Today it is a vibrant village with a fabulous selection of bars and restaurants. It is 40 minutes from the Airport in Almeria and 45 minutes from the city itself. Within the municipal area of Bedar there are the hamlets of Serena, Los Pinos and Los Albaricos. In the immaculate and delightful hamlet of Serena you can find an Arabic Hermitage.

The village celerbrates the day of Saint Gregorio on the 9th of May and then has the fiesta of the Moors and the Christians on and around the 24th of September which is the day of patron saint, Santa Maria de la Cabeza. Wednesdays are market days.