Los Gallardos

Los Gallardos is an traditional inland village but at just short drrive from the beach. The national highway 340 and E15 pass through the town giving good connections to Murcia and Almeria. Almeria is 80 km away and can be reached in 40 minutes or less.

The town owes its origin to the mining boom in neighboring village of Bedar, in which jurisdiction it was until 1924 when it gained autonomy and independence.

The town's economy is diverse, predominated by agriculture, transport and a mixture of shops, bars and restaurants in and around the village. Oral history suggests that the name comes from the surnames of the early settlers,Gallardos. Another theory is that there was a Captain Gallardo, from Mesa Roldán, who settled in Los Gallardos with a magnificent home on the first street that was established on the street called Calle Soriano.

Thanks to the mining in Sierra Almagrera and the discovery of veins of lead and iron in the Sierra de Bedar in the early nineteenth century, the village grew a lot. There are still signs of mining activity in the area of Los Gallardos and Bedar and there are even fragments of the old cablecar that ran from El Pinar to Garrucha. There was a mine railway that connected Los Gallardos and Garrucha to Bedar. Remains of a bridge can be found on the N340 looking up to the neighborhood of La Perulaca.

The local fiestas include the day of San Isidro on the 15th of May. San Isidro is important in Los Gallardos, because he is the patron saint of farmers. In the festivities the locals ask the saint to fertilize the land and bring abundant and generous crops. You cannot forget the fiesta in honor of La Virgen del Carmen on July 16, she is most famous as a patron saint for sailors and the sea but she has a large inland following as well.