It is probable that the name of "Tahal" comes from the Berber language and means "damp gorge" and today it still remains a place which is suprisingly green. There are about 430 inhabitants and it nestles in the heart of the magnificent range of mountains, La Sierra de los Fillabres at an altitude of 1010m, at 68km from Almeria along an excellent road. It is wonderful green area with oak forests and pine plantations.

Like other viillages in the area, Tahal is very well preserved and in harmony with traditional village architecture with the church tower and fortress of Moorish origin, emerging from the chaotic collection of white houses with red roofs.

In times gone by, the village depended on flour mills (there are two in El Arroyo Enmedio and two in Postrero ) , roof tile ovens , and two mills for the manufacture of cloth and silk covers. They still make rag rugs and canvas cloths.

Today industrial activity is reduced to the production of olive oil at harvest time at 2 olive presses, a bakery ,a carpenter and bee hives. Goats' milk is sold to the central milk depots in Uleila Del Campo, Albox , and El Puntal . There are three shops keeping the village alive, dedicated to food, crafts, textiles and various articles.

The village fiestas begin with the celebrations of San Anton on January 17 and after that on the 20th of the same month, there are the celebrations of Saint Sebastian. Celebrations " of the old lady" are in February as is the pilgrimage of Christ is on the last Sunday of May. The first weekend of August are the August fiestas and then on the 14th and 15th of September Are the celebrations in honour of Santo Christo del Consuelo.