Turrillas is a small village perched on the side of the Sierra Alhamilla commanding fabluous views over El Campo de Tabernas and across the magnificent mountains of Sierra de LosFilalbres. The village came into being in the times of the Moors who developed agriculture with a system of irrigation and terraces fro cultivation. In 1488 it was passed over to the Christian conquerors and was then left deserted when, in the 16th Century the "Moriscos" were expelled. Slowly the land was colonized mainly by people from Murcia and began to become more important with the development of mines. It was part of the system of the mining installations of Lucainena, Nijar and the Sierra Alhamilla with cable and then rail links to a port in Agua Amarga.

Today it is sleepy place populated by a mainly elderly population tending to olives and almonds but then it comes to life at the weekends and fiestas. There is a bar/ restaurant and a couple of shops, where you can observe the friendliness of a small village.

The village celebrates the Fiesta of the Emigrants in the summer when many of them return, Moors and Christians and the fiesta of the patron Saint, San Antonio.