Conveyancing - Conveyancing fees are included in the price of properties, but we can also take on conveyancing for other properties. There are other costs involved in the purchase of properties such as taxes (6%) and the fees of the Notario (150 - 200€ per plot).

Re-registration of Properties - About 90% of the properties for sale are not registered, however we are specialist in preparing properties for registry, we obtain the necessary certificates, topographical.

Grants - Having experience in tourism and business as well as being able to count on expert agricultural advice, we offer a consultancy service for those who would like to apply for the following grants:- Rural tourism, generation of employment, solar electricity, and agriculture (including forestry and subsidies for almond and grape production).

Building Contracts - With many years of experience in design, we can transform your ideas and wishes into tangible designs with the help of architects, building surveyors and agricultural engineers. We also arrange for quotes from builders.

Building Supervision - Don't let living in Britain or not speaking Spanish stand in the way of your house in the country, we supervise building projects and keep you informed of progress.

Minor Works - Whether it be restoring a farmhouse, replacing windows, rewiring, plumbing, putting up decorative iron railings or building extensions which do not require an architect's project, we supervise the job from the planning stages to completion with help from a large selection of professionals.

Wells - Water is an essential ingredient for life in the country, Perforaciones Alboran, the drilling company we work with has an excellent record for finding water. We also organise the official registration of wells.